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Digital History Projects to Explore
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In this activity, explore at least 2 examples of Digital History Education Projects AND 2 examples of Student Projects to help inform your own work.

Digital History Education Projects


Children and Youth in History

Disability History Museum

Homicide in Chicago

Illuminating Reno's Divorce Industry

Lienzo de Quauhquechollan

Minnesota By Design

Richard Pryor’s Peoria

Sejarah Nusantara

Virtual Angkor

Virtual Reality apps (it's fine to just read the details and watch the trailers)

Visualizing Emancipation

World History Commons

Student Projects

Erin Bush, Women on Trial

Kathy Carroll, Uncovering History

Nate Sleeter, Looking Beyond Ghost Stories

Maura Seale, Thinking Historically about Primary Sources: Lifecycle

Devon Hardy, Teacher's Guide, Female Lighthouse Keepers in the United States: A Special Exhibit

Greta Swain, Voices of Sackville

Andris Straumanis, The Paraclete Project

Mary Ellen Pethel, Presentation and Power of Persuasion

Caitlin Hartnett, The Queer 18th Century

Katie Willard, The First Wave at Omaha Beach