MeghanE's Response

1. Levesque argues that the "threshold concept" of student's learning comes from students difficulty in confronting history as a substantive content rather than a narrative. He has found that students look at the past only in the past and not in the perspective of modern thinking.
2. Levesque's understanding of student learning differs from Wineburg's in the sense that teachers, as coaches and facilitators, should be more experimental when it comes to teaching students. This way, students are granted multiple perspectives of critically analyzing history rather than looking at evidence systematically.
3. Levesque's method of student learning models that of Wineburg's in the sense that students are missing critical thinking skills when it comes to analyzing history. However, Levesque's model might lead student's conclusions of historical evidence in a subjective manner. This is not all bad as he poses, but it must be facilitated correctly which has been the main source of frustration within the academic community regarding student learning assessments.